Resources for self-guided birding in the Languedoc

The Mediterranean basin is one of the world’s 35 biodiversity hotspots – and the Languedoc Roussillon area is on its Western shores!
With spring and autumn migration, good numbers of exotic summer nesting visitors, and plenty of resident Mediterranean species this area offers some of the best birding in France…

The late Derek Moore OBE was well aware of the area’s potential, and helped to trigger the motivation for setting up Birding Languedoc:

“Languedoc is not a favoured area by British birders, most preferring the Camargue, but I can strongly recommend trying the region.
Most of the exciting birds of France are found in the area and there is more to be done. … Add to that great food, wine and weather and you have everything.”

Read the full article here.

In order to share our “local patch” with you, the resources listed below are designed to help you with travel, where to stay and when/where to see birds!
We are of course, very happy to help you in any other way we can, with advice and tips! Just get in touch via the contact form.

And if you don’t fancy exploring on your own, why not join one of our small group fixed date tours or come on a guided day trip with us?
We can also arrange a private birding guide for you.

Follow the links below to access the the information you need:

Birdwatching Narbonnaise

Free smartphone application

The Narbonnaise regional park has produced a very intuitive, interactive smartphone app called Birdwatching Narbonnaise.
Free to download from Google Play for Android devices and from the App store for Apple devices, the app covers all the information you need to organise a bird watching trip, including which birds you can see when and where, but also puts you in touch with a selection of birder-friendly accommodation.

  • Select a month and the bird list will change accordingly
  • Select a species to see a map of the best spots for that particular bird
  • Select the site to see what other birds can be seen there
  • Select a species to find out more information about that bird

All 80 or so species have a photo and some have sound and text as well. You can add species to your own personal list when you see them – just identify the site and click on the + sign to the right of the species sheet. Sites, species, sounds and information will be added to the app regularly.
Download the app now and start preparing a trip!

Where to watch birds guides

Several regional parks in the area have published “Where to watch birds…” guides highlighting the best birdwatching spots with maps, species lists, and other helpful information. You can download these guides by clicking on the links below or you can pick up a hard copy at the park headquarters in Sigean or ask for one at any of the local tourist information offices in the Narbonnaise area.

Birdwatching Narbonnaise – the film

This film was made during the course of 2018 and filmed exclusively in the Narbonnaise regional park. It gives you an excellent overview of the diversity of habitats as well as some of the species that inhabit them.  Much of the birdwatching in the area is easily accessible.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on YouTube!

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